In the end, it’s all about your Happy Pet™

– Gabriella Vélez & Rosario Martínez

  • To provide a top quality product at an affordable price. We strive to create the highest quality pet products for our clients.

  • Our ethos is to create a happy, comfortable lifestyle for our loving pets no matter where they live and come from.

  • Every day we continue innovating and creating new products according to market needs.

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Our Story

Happy Pet™ was developed in 2005 out of our immense love for our pets. We manufacture pet hygiene products, including several pet shampoos and colognes. Springing from our own dogs’ skin problems, our first products were medicated, hypoallergenic shampoos. From there, we began designing a line of pet clothing, collars, beds, and toys that were comfortable, affordable, and trendy. Currently, our products are being sold in Puerto Rico and neighboring Caribbean islands. However, we are now dedicating our efforts on expanding our market on a global scale. Our goal is to create a happy, comfortable lifestyle for all pets. We strive for the best Happy Pet™ products for our clients.